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Viticulturists: Juan Piqueras and Susana L. Arce
Campo Arcís – Requena –Valencia – Spain
Barranco de Morte, terraced vineyard.
Variety Bobal 100%
Production 2500 bottles of 75 cl.

Type of driving: Old glass 70 years.
Production 1kg plant.

No additives have been used in the production of this wine. Sulfite free
100% natural.
The whole bunches are put into the warehouses, Susana inside the
deposit steps on the clusters to break some grains and juice comes out.
Maceration 5-7 days
Fermentation in stainless steel tank malolactic and aging with lees.
Bottled without filtering or clarifying

What is a natural wine?

La Cuvée de Susana is one of our natural wines. Natural wine is the result of ethical viticulture, spontaneous fermentation. Without intervention and without sulphites. ONLY GRAPE.

Quality of the wine La cuvée de Susana

The cuvée is the amount of wine that is produced at a time in a tank. In this sense, we can say of an oenologist that he has made a certain number of vintages of wine and that the barrels are or are not from the same cuvée.

We call “tête de cuvée” (or “wine head”) the wine made from the first vintages of a quality vintage.

Bobal 2020 of the Barranco de Morte

Lost Bobales recovery project. Lands of the Barranco de Morte.

The soft glow of sunrise in the barranco de Morte, still imprinted in my memory, recalls the story of a young vineyard, where animals, plants, men and magical creatures lived in peace and harmony. They protected each other and slept next to the shade of a large hundred-year-old holm oak. Now the vines die, their arms dry up and their trunks twist.

Only with effort and affection do its buds grow again and its fruits become wine again.

Spontaneous fermentation with wild yeasts.

During the elaboration no additives have been used, it may contain natural sediments.

Small producer. Valencian Community.

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Vinos Pigar La cuvée de Susana

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