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Viticulturists: Juan Piqueras and Susana L. Arce
Campo Arcís – Requena –Valencia – Spain
Multiparcel (El Orillon, Las Casillas , Casa Lázaro, Los Morenos)
Variety Bobal 99% 0after 1%
Production 3500 bottles of 75cl.

Old vineyard in glass.
Production <3kg /vine Very concentrated bunches with small grains.

No additives have been used in the production of this wine. Sulfite free.
100% natural.
20% whole grape 80% destemmed without squeezing for greater extraction of aromas. Alcoholic fermentation with autochthonous yeasts from the vineyard.
Oxygenation, pump over and sink the hat by hand daily
for color extraction.
Malolactic fermentation and subsequent aging in used French barrels of
400 liters for 7-12 months.
Bottled without filtering or clarifying.

Quality of wine Pigar Bobales Perdidos

This wine comes from various land parcels, “El Orillon”, “Las Casillas”, “Casa Lázaro” and “Los Morenos”. These parcels have very old vines of almost 100 years of age and of the Bobal variety.

During the elaboration no additives have been used, it may contain natural sediments.

Small producer. Valencian Community.

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