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Viticulturists: Juan Piqueras y Susana L. Arce.
Campo Arcís – Requena –Valencia – Spain.
“Las Casillas” land parcel.
Variety Royal 90% Bobal 10%.
Production 1200 bottles of 75 cl.

Type of driving: Old glass more than 70 years.
Production 2kg plant.

No additives have been used in the production of this wine. Sulfite free.
100% natural.
Sparkling ancestral method. Just one fermentation. Maceration of a few hours before pressing. Aging in the bottle on lees of 5
months onwards.
Bottled without filtering or clarifying.

Pigar Ancestral Royal wine quality

From our “Las Casillas” land parcel, land with the royal variety, grapes of garnet, pink and gold tones.

Pink bubbles created thanks to an ancient method.

There are varieties that are destined to disappear, exhausted vineyards that do not produce enough and therefore are left to die.

Bodegas Pigar recovers lost and abandoned vineyards to once again give the opportunity to make a great wine.

No additives have been used during production, it may contain natural sediments and natural crystallizations. Without filtering or clarifying.

Free wine.

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Vinos Pigar Ancestral Royal

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