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A magical vineyard… 6 terraces of Bobal vines between pine forests, in its lower part a large hundred-year-old holm oak.

In 2019, the recovery of these plots begins, a very old vineyard with very low production that was left abandoned. After working and pampering him, his grapes give wine again.

From these plots we make the “Cuvée de Susana”.

Morte ravine, a magical vineyard surrounded by pine trees.

Photos of the vineyards and fields in the Barranco de Morte

viñedos campo arcís vinos bodegas pigar
Panoramic view of the vineyards in the Barranco de Morte
El Barranco de Morte, Requena
The Barranco de Morte is located next to some natural landscapes of pine forest.
uvas variedad bobal requena
Ripe grapes in the vineyards of the ravine of Morte
Campos de viñas, bosque y gran carrasca
Great holm oak next to the Barranco de Morte, Campo Arcís
viñedos requena
Fields of vineyards in the Barranco de Morte

History and land reclamation

In 2016 we began our project to recover abandoned vineyards “The Lost Bobales”, old plots that do not produce enough and therefore are left to die by older farmers without generational relief who cannot continue working the land.

We take care of these vineyards in a natural way, without chemical products or pesticides, thanks to pruning, replanting the soil, nature itself, work and a lot of patience makes the plants live again.

Everything makes sense when we get the right path to become a great wine, giving value to old ancient vineyards.

campo de viñas bodegas Pigar
Juan and Susana sitting in the fields of Barranco de Morte