Bodegas Pigar, committed to tradition, nature and the family.
Recovering forgotten varieties and abandoned vineyards, giving them a new life, working with the utmost respect.

Fighting to maintain the heritage of our native varieties. We work the vineyards in an ecological and natural way, respecting each process.

We sow all kinds of legumes around the vines, obtaining a vegetable cover to withstand the weather. These are small steps to obtain unique wines, faithful to the land.

Our job as viticulturists is to take care of the land, maintaining the essence of all our wines, using native yeasts from the skin itself during fermentation. We do not filter or classify, keeping our wines alive, with their own personality, without losing their varietal character. Grape only.

Bodegas Pigar started in 2014, and it was in 2016 when we, Juan and Susana, left our jobs in the city, returning to Campo Arcís – Valencia and forming a team, making natural wines in an artisanal way, based on ancestral knowledge, balance and sustainability, giving value to ancient traditions and recovering the use of clay jars.

Together we enjoy caring for the land, growing and making our wines, together with the watercolor illustration of each of our labels, in harmony with nature, our dream come true.

Bodegas Pigar
Susana, Bodegas Pigar
Juan, Bodegas Pigar