Campo Arcis town & country

Campo Arcis town & country

Our land

Campo Arcís is a district of the municipality of Requena, in the Valencian Community, Spain, belonging to the province of Valencia.

They are land of grape cultivation since very distant times. Entire families are dedicated to creating wines with traditional and homemade cellars.

The wines produced at Bodegas Pigar are 100% natural. A modern learning based on ancient techniques with great results.

Bodegas Pigar cultivates healthy and well-managed lands in Campo Arcís and other nearby districts where you can see the rare and ancient varieties that are scarce in other lands. Wines created with the Royal grape, the Moscatel and above all a series of vineyards of the Bobal variety with the Bobaj Requena denomination of origin.

Campo Arcís
Campo Arcís, vineyards

How to get to Bodegas Pigar and Campo Arcís

To get to Campo Arcís, follow some simple directions. Taking Requena as a reference.

Requena is located next to the A-3 about 70 km from Valencia. To get to Campo Arcís, leave the A-3 at one of the exits indicated as “Requena Oeste” if coming from Madrid or “Requena Este” if coming from Valencia. In any case, “Requena Norte” will be avoided because then you would have to cross the city. When leaving the A-3, follow the signs that lead to the N-330 in the direction of Albacete. You have to take this road at a roundabout and follow it for exactly 2 km, crossing the Magro river and the village of El Pontón. As soon as you leave El Pontón, follow the sign that indicates N-330 Almansa. We will continue along this road for 4.5 km, where the sign that indicates Campo Arcís appears. And this is it, 4 more km without detours and welcome to Campo Arcis.

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